Turbos de fumigar ocasion en valencia

Turbos de fumigar ocasion en valencia

Second hand tractor sprayers

2 stroke engine. Polyethylene tank 100 liters, 10 mt of hose and gun. Suitable for use in orchards. In perfect condition. GREAT AUTONOMY AND VERSATILITY OF USE. It is sold for having sold the farm. Pick up in Reus120 EUR
Wheelbarrow of 100 liters with hose. 3cv. possibility of making a better price with a pack of all the tools of my profile. bargain machine its current value new, rises to more than 600 with hose and all.40 EUR
Bench 300 liters, practically new. I sell it to change to atomizer. It has been used 5 times. I send photos on request. Magnifico for spraying trees, high pressure. Includes 20 meter hose with gun.35 EUR
I sell sprayer or backpack to figure in good condition. It is of the prestigious brand acorn. Large capacity. 16 liters. Realized shipments. #farm #field #weed #weed #pruning #smoke #fire #insecticide #herbicide. #urge #offer250 EUR
Extermination and pest control both ecological and chemical pende of the (situation) / cockroaches / ants / ants / bedbugs / fleas / aphid / etc / and all kinds of pests. from 80 € 6 months warranty ./ flf and wassap 662 450 648 José vicente . one more thing for people from Barcelona Madrid Seville etc I am from Valencia only valencia and surroundings thanks650 EUR

Used agricultural sprayer

FREE shipping to Peninsula, the rest to consult! Buy this product in our online store TRICJARDINERIA and get a free gift! This tool is perfect for demanding spraying jobs thanks to its 41.5 cc 2-stroke engine. Its versatile 14 l. tank accepts both liquid and powder products. Its pump makes vertical spraying possible. And its large diameter nozzle guarantees wider spraying, simplifying the work. Demonstration videos and all the information are available in our online store tricjardineria com.249 EUR
Engine: gasoline 2-stroke Displacement: 42 cc Power: 2.13 kW (equivalent to 2.9 hp) Idle speed (min-1): 3,000 Maximum engine speed (min-1): 8,000 Fuel tank: 1.2 liters, with anti-drip seal Fuel type: 4% blend of gasoline SP95 oct + synthetic oil Starter: manual Easy-start Tank capacity: 26 liters Maximum fan flow: 0.28 m3/min200 EUR
Performed agricultural works with Mao machinery Mechanical mule, motor hoe, power tiller, etc. Tilled and hooped fields, prepared the land for vegetable and fruit plantations, prepared ecological, urban, school and family gardens. Weeding and clearing of plots, with hand brush cutter. Phytosanitary treatment with organic products. With 400 liters spraying tank, knapsack atomizer or spraying wheelbarrow. Drip irrigation installations90 EUR

Second hand agricultural sprayer

of the brand TEYME or the same of the brand ATASA, with pump 50/60 bars COMET of pistons. This speaks to me of a price of 1600 leuros approx. which seems to me a few leuros, then the questions are the following ones:
if it would be better for me to buy a second hand sprayer, a dusty one that is for the scrap and buy a new pump, valve, filter and others and mount me a homemade one. The chassis I could also make it new. The new Comet pump alone is about 700 leuros. Let’s see if the people in fruit growing areas who know about it can give me a hand. Best regards and thanks
Hi Pista. Well, because they are trees that can easily reach 8/9 mts. high and they advise me 40 constant bars of work, so I need a bigger one so I don’t have to put it to the top and it works «comfortably». Besides, it is not a flat terrain, so if it has to pump upwards, then it needs to pump up….
at that moment you go to your agriculture office and you register your spraying equipment. simply saying the characteristics of the tank (neither purchase invoice nor po*** …) at that moment the tank is registered.

Turbos de fumigar ocasion en valencia online

Equipment in good condition I sell or change little use semi new engine, good condition of very little use. I removed it because I did not use it. Returns are accepted up to a period of calendar days from receipt of the item.
Cuba, the pearl of the caribbean. New electrovalve safety and pressure regulator with tractor drive. International buyers / international buyers – please note
For sale: spray tank, fumigation, spraying, or for water without engine. fumigation tank for sale with its back seat with two hoses and 2 and a half inch mouth for irrigation pump ilemon. I sell bucket fumigate. It works perfectme…
Vat in perfect condition for irrigation of 12,000 hello I sell sulfate vat without the pump. vat in very good condition itap passed. It sells CUBA TO FUMIGATE 12,000, has very little use, ask without obligation. 0 no negociabl…
Vehicle sprayer on both sides bucket with trailer for spraying, with ball hitch for tractor or vehicle, with motor pump and shuttle … For sale FUMIGATING TANK, in perfect condition. It is sold for 0 . They work perfectamen…

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